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Anti-performance “I want public orgies in Gorky Park” (in english / по-английский)

Anti-performance “I want public orgies in Gorky Park” is about my desire to transform spirit of repressed sexuality in Soviet Union that is still vital in Belarus in a symbolic space situated in the centre of Minsk City – park named in dedication to Maxim Gorky, great Russian and Soviet writer. Maxim Gorky in many of his writings tried to defend minorities and that’s why it is logical that in that day – 4 july – Independence from Homophobia Day in Minsk City, we will do public orgy in a park to celebrate that holiday. We constructed strange object – rainbow-scum-phallus – that should liberate Minsk City from homophobia. We occupied such strategic places as Minsk subway, headquarters of the organization that educates Belarusian young people and finally we end up with doing homo orgy in Gorky Park. That anti-performance is also about interrelation between Russian orthodox church religion and homophobia – this link is very obvious, because it is in fact very anti-gay religion as well as entire Christianity.

With Jury Urso and I. Shvartz

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