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Anti-performance “Trip to Drazhnya to make American-Vietnam war” (in english / по-английский)

Anti-performance “Trip to Drazhnya to make American-Vietnam war” is about the problem of the Americanization of the working class of such non-western country as Belarus. Drazhnya is the final stop and trolleybus depot which is a space where live a lot of representatives of the working class, including Vietnamese workers that occupy gypsy house. We make intervention with working class, dressed in American costume and Mexican mask (it has choice between taking side of the American imperialism or being opressed Mexican subject from Latin America), and in African mask, to the house where Vietnamese workers live, to remind about intervention of the American fascist capitalism, on one hand, in Vietnam, on other hand, remind about long story of the exploitation of the African continent. USA was the last country where slavery was abolished. We stand against all that horrible things, but first of all against Americanization of the working class, because it destroys solidarity, giving them neoliberal model, where everyone becomes atomized entrepreneur. Moreover, that anti-performance is about such important topic as American cultural hegemony brainwashing minds of many people, but first of all the majority of people in such non-western subordinated subjects as Belarus.

With Jury Urso and international working class

Video – https://youtu.be/U_JTXFebQMQ