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Anti-performance “I want to party in Minsk City (in Centralny)” (in english / по-английский)


Anti-performance “I want to party in Minsk City (in Centralny)” is about my desire to party and have fun in my hometown and impossibility to do whatever you want with public space, because you can be easily detained by police. The state that creates concentrated spectacle (Debord) is very strict about its own monopoly on representation of the public space. That’s why I have special interest in the space of universal shop “Centralny”, that belongs to the state, and space outside – parapet, because it gives an alternative to the various bourgeouis places situated in Minsk City that coexist with authoritarian capitalism. Moreover, that space outside is a perfect space to be sort of flaneur (Benjamin) in Minsk City. Moreover, that place is an important space including places around where all important subcultures of Minsk City were formed, such as Viktor Tsoi wall etс. many of which don’t exist anymore. If you are hipster and can go to the neighbor Mcdonald’s than nobody will ask you questions because you are bourgeois. If you choose state-owned “Centralny” than you choose completely different form of socializing because cheap prices for alcohol make that place available for everyone, attracting all interesting characters of Minsk City. Thus, my anti-performance is dedicated to the repressions against that street characters of my hometown that form what we call street culture. We travel through entire city in order to have fun in “Centralny”.

With Jury Urso, I. Shvartz and Ulyana Slesar

video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHXblwTSVFk