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Anti-performance “fuck authoritarian socialism” (in english / по-английский)

This performance “fuck authoritarian socialism” is about my hatred towards authoritarian pseudosocialism and it is at the same time supplement to my presentation of my poem in prose about my experience in Cuba that I have written in russian language. It is about my hatred especially towards soviet and cuban types of pseudosocialism. Lenin as well as Castro are fucked up phallic symbols of the authoritarian socialism. We don’t need them right now and my anti-performance is about my disillusionment in another fake socialist system – Cuba. During my second visit to that fake socialist country I was arrested and was prisoner of jail on Cuba for simple fact of being without money over there. I almost ended up my days being forever a prisoner there if someone by chance will not find my passport. Cuban government detains and harasses art activists like recent performance by Tania Bruguera about not so successful reestablishment of the diplomatic relationships between USA and Cuba. Last New Year she tried to construct with a group of friends podium for free speech on the main revolutionary square, but she was arrested not even being able to finish her work and her passport was confiscated, so she can’t leave anymore her country. So, we play with phallic symbols expressing such symbols of authoritarian socialism as Lenin and Castro. Lenin, Castro are both just authoritarian phalluses, so we need to destroy them in order to build true anti-authoritarian politics.

Part I. 17 june 2015. In part one of my performance I occupied Moscow subway and such symbolic places as statue of Lenin with giant soviet phallus and other phallus such as American one. I continue tradition of doing crazy actionist performances in public spaces in Moscow such as occupying of Russian subway system by saint pussy riot and moscow actionist school from the end of twentieth century. I subvert the conformist spirit of moscow subway by doing crazy stuff inside of cars. It results in confrontation with Moscow young people police assistants who right from the military college in group of four patrol Moscow subway stations. They were hardcore leninists and tried to persuade me that Lenin was a true phallus and leader (Russian: vozhdj) justifying true relevance of my anti-performance!

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Part II. 20 june 2015. In part II of my anti-performance I read my poem in prose about my experience in Cuba including making an installation in an abandoned Belarusian bunker during punk underground party full of alternative young people, from punks to hippies and all other revolutionary subcultures. Young people in Belarus were always my true inspiration (maybe because I’m a young Belarusian person myself) and I think that older people should listen to young people. I always wanted to do something for young people in Belarus starting from my project of the alternative radical school called “Rebel Studies Library”. In this anti-performance I exhibit open sexuality with homosexual flavour creating installation with phallus-Lenin and phallus-Mcdonald’s symbolizing soviet and american types of repression of sexuality through directing it either in politics or commodifying it. I put book of Hitler on American flag trying to reveal true fascist side of American politics. I run in forest screaming the most important patriotic chant of Cuba – “patria o muerta” (homeland or death).

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV9D11d1XKU