Anti-art installation “Fuck the elections” (in english / по-английский)

ELECTIONS is a bourgeois institute that is made by the world bourgeois in order to make an illusion of DEMOCRACY, but we all know that true democracy is not that one where someone REPRESENTS you. True democracy is a direct democracy. It is where you can represent yourself. It is where your political influence doesn’t depend on media that is only mediator and basis of the bourgeois civilization, which creates fiction and illusion, MEDIA-SPECTACLE. In this sense, true life is that one which liberates impulse to the decision to make your own choice about your life without mediation of INSTITUTIONS of any kind, which should be directly destroyed. ELECTIONS is a bourgeouis institute which should be destroyed together with bourgeouis world and civilization in order to create space for true poetry and true art – revolutionary. Thus, we should not buy into hypocritical words of the politicians of any kind and of any regime, because they produce nothing other than hypocrisy. NO ELECTIONS. It doesn’t matter who will win, because it doesn’t lead to the radical change and destruction of the BOURGEOUIS CIVILIZATION.

Jury Urso, 11th october 2015

With Jury Urso and Nikolai Statkevich

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