Radical art and politics in post-soviet Belarus and Russia (the end of XX – beginning of XXI century) (in english / по-английский)

Left Forum 2017

“Radical art and politics in post-soviet Belarus and Russia (the end of XX – beginning of XXI century)”

in Session 7: SUNDAY June 4th 3:40pm – 5:40pm
Room: “3.80”

at John Jay College for Criminal Justice
New Building
524 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019


This short presentation will cover some interesting radical political artists or anti-artists and radical activists in post-soviet region of Belarus and Russia (1990s-2010s). They are in a way continuation of the Soviet avant-garde tradition, including so-called Soviet non-conformists, but also include influences of the second half XX century radical art-groups such as Viennese actionists and Situationist International. Historical avant-garde movements had direct relation to the left movement since many avant-garde figures participated in radical politics. For example, Soviet avant-garde is directly connected to the Russian revolution. In recent time a lot of interesting radical actionist groups emerged in post-soviet Belarus and Russia, some of them integrated already in spectacle (like Pussy Riot, Pavel Pavlensky), some of them not. This presentation will try to analyze from the historical-theoretical point of view the relationship between radical politics and recent radical art groups of the post-soviet Belarus and Russia.

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